Robertson first foray as an entrepreneur was a success, selling a marketing technology to ContextWeb just 9 months after founding 2004.

Next, he created MyVideoDaily, a streaming media company sold to publicly traded ROO Group in 2007. In 2008 Robertson launched what would become the Answers Network, one of the world’s largest privately owned and operated web publishing networks, serving over 1 billion ad impressions per month with over 32M monthly visitors (at peak).



Around the same time, Robertson successfully acquired Bolt.com, recognized by Wikipedia as the first online social network founded in 1996. Rob laments, Bolt was a significant failure, “I ran it into the ground – but I learned a lot about social media and more about my own leadership.” In 2010 Robertson leaned into politics by playing a significant role in shaping the healthcare debate and lead record digital fundraising drives with his marketing expertise. In 2015 Robertson launched Rebates.com – a leading online discount retailer and coupons destination (recently exited, 2022). In 2018 Robertson also became a registered patent holder by developing an LED imaging technology, which he continues to refine.



Having also launched a failed quantum-resilient-blockchain project in 2018, Robertson remains fascinated by the concepts behind DAO’s and Web3 – even if they stay out of vogue. Currently he consults on a select group of high-impact projects. He also manages a small technology team for his FoundersContract.com incubator which is developing AI solutions intended for community ownership (perhaps by leveraging DAO’s and Web3) – a broad goal he strongly endorses.